The 8th annual Beauregard Watermelon Festival 5k Run/Walk, Kids Fun Run and Watermelon Crawl Diaper Derby was hosted by Beauregard Christian Women’s Job Corps (BCWJC) on Saturday, June 29, 2013 with a total of 117 participating in the event.

Pictured are the fastest male and female runners: Scott Cushing at 20:55.10  (left) and Veronica Neely at 23:46.26 (right).

Scott Cushing and Veronica Neely


1st place: Cayman Williams (Third from left, back row), 2nd place: Tyler Slate (First from left, back row), 3rd place: Diandly “Kiki” Gonzalez (Second from left, back row) and participants, Jake Patterson (Fourth from left, back row) and Duke Williams (Front).

Winners for Each Age Group

First, second and third place winners for each age group are as follows:

Age 11-18 Female: Courtney Tapocik 25:02.55, Cheyenne Vander  30:03.22, Laci Griffin 53:52.59

Age 11-18 Male: Alex Patterson 30:05.37, Joseph Vander 37:29.08, Corbin Haymon 44:59.70

Age 18-25 Female: Kaitlyn Stephens 36:05.11, Callie Downs 37:17.29

Age 18-25 Male: Derek Cram  25:02.38, Samuel Spence 28:42.54, Chris Woolard 29:50.28

Age 26-34 Female: Veronica Neely  23:46.26, Valerie Acevedo 26:44.53, Micha Lowry 30:24.44

Age 26-34 Male: Oliver Davis 21:06.52,  Andrew Clough 22:26.93, Victor Acevedo 24:31.74

Age 35-44 Female: Kaja Green-Tovar 28:58.27, Julia O’Carroll 30:20.10, Hannalize Slate 30:52.44

Age 35-44 Male:  Matt Dalton 22:45.57, Luis Marty 23:43.37, Danny Campbell 27:09.97

Age 45-54 Female: Wendy Townsley 30:14.30, Missy Adams 31:31.99, Amy Camp 42:09.99

Age 45-54 Male: Scott Cushing 20:55.10, Randall Haddox  24:27.57, Gunther Wagner 24:49.39

Age 55-64 Female: Brenda Simon 39:57.73, Fran Gibson 45:00.85, Shirley Bagwell 46:01.15

Age 55-64 Male: Tom Bogue  24:16.09, Robert “Bob”  Koehn 27:36.61, Richard Sexton 29:01.51

Age 65 and over Female: Jenneth Merriman 46:10.94

Age 65 and Over Male: Jeff Sims 26:10.94, David Howard 30:24.44, Guy Stone 32:11.52

 Ladies in Watermelon Pink